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Interested in grass measuring but don't have time to walk your farm each week? Let Cork Grassland Services do it for you. We walk your farm and record the grass covers from each paddock. Every cover is uploaded onto PastureBase Ireland as we walk the farm so by the time we get back your yard your grass wedge is updated and available for you to view. This allows you to make important grass management decisions without having to walk your farm. We can help set up your PastureBase Ireland account.

Grass Measuring Packages

○   Yearly grass measuring subscription (30+ grass walks). We will do your grass walk for you each week and upload all covers to PastureBase Ireland, allowing you to make important grazing management decisions without having to walk your farm.

○   New to grass measuring? Never done it? Want to start? We offer a complete start up package. Get your farm mapped, PastureBase account created and all mapped paddocks added to your account. Complete a walk with a member of the Cork Grassland Services team. Learn how to measure grass by calibrating your eye using the cut and weigh method and seeing how important an accurate dry matter percentage is. Learn how to use the PastureBase app to input your covers. Most importantly, learn how to use to information to make informative decisions like how to address a grass surplus/deficit, how to allocate the correct amount of grass for your cows and how to complete a Spring/Autumn rotation plan and a feed budget.

○   5-10 walks across the year where the farmer accompanies a member of the Cork Grassland Services team on the walk to make sure they are on track to hit key targets on key dates.

○   Do the grass walks yourself and send your wedge to Cork Grassland Services for advice and a weekly grazing plan. 

Why Measure Grass?

○   With rising costs of production, efficient grass management can reduce costs.

○   Grass measuring will allow you to maximise the amount of grass in your cows diet.

○   Know when to reduce or increase meal at different stages throughout the year.

○   Know when to remove surplus grass for baled silage.

○   Achieve target residuals in order to maximise regrowth.

○   Use your daily growth rate to plan for the week ahead.

○   Improve pasture quality, feed more grass, and at a higher quality.

○   Grass measuring combined with a Spring/Autumn rotation planner will allow you to grass more grass at the shoulders of the year.

○   Achieve target average farm covers and cover/Lu for your stocking rate at important stages of the year.

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