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Soil Sampling Service

Only 15% of Irish dairy farms had optimum soil fertility levels in 2017 and 47% of grassland farms required lime.

Grass measuring and management alone will not unlock the full potential of your farm. To see the full benefits of measuring grass, soil fertility levels must be corrected to allow your farm produce grass to its full capability.

Cork Grassland Services' technicians will walk your farm and take soil samples in every paddock or in blocks.

We then transport samples directly to the laboratory for analysis.

Our most common test is for lime requirement, P and K. However organic matter can also be tested.

Results take approximately 1-2 weeks to get back.

A fertilizer plan is then devised by our fertilizer partners GrasslandAgro. This includes a detailed plan for each paddock on your farm to help efficiently maximize grass growth and improve soil index's. It will also include a visit by a member of the GrasslandAgro team to your farm to help you understand the plan and put it into practice.​ 

Soil Sampling Inquiry


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€5/sample + VAT + laboratory charge for non grass measuring clients.

€4/sample + VAT + laboratory charge for grass measuring clients.

A call out fee applies for farmers with less than 10 samples.

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