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To order something from our grass measuring equipment range, please fill out the form on this page and click "send message".

Within 24 hours of receiving your message, you will be emailed an invoice with a link which will allow you to pay for your items using debit or credit card. 


Prices (including VAT):

Gardena Shears: €185

Grass Weighing Scales: €40

Quadrat: €45

Gardena Replacement Blade: €50

Combo Deal 1: Shears, Scales, Quadrat, Replacement Blade €288

Combo Deal 2: Shears, Scales, Quadrat €243

Combo Deal 3: Shears, Scales €202.50

Plus a delivery charge. 

All boxes must be filled out. If you don't require an item, enter '0' in that box. 


Email Address*

Phone Number*

Eircode (Required for delivery)*

Number of Gardena Shears*

Number of Weighing Scales*

Number of Quadrats*

Number of Replacement Gardena Blades*

Number of Combo Deal 1*

Number of Combo Deal 2*

Number of Combo Deal 3*


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